Edupunking the NY Times

f*ck blackboard?  the nytimes approves!

This is old news, I know, but I will not let this blog begin without acknowledgment of the fact that the New York Times declared edupunk, the new-media pedagogical ethos adumbrated by my good friend Jim Groom, one of its choices for The Buzzwords of 2008. In the spirit of edupunk and all of my “instructional technologist” friends, I salute the paper of record.

(and for the record, Wired summed it up nicely, too).

2 thoughts on “Edupunking the NY Times

  1. Luke

    I just wanted to acknowledge your creative used of linked quotation marks. Brilliant.

    I also would like to ask you to expand upon your tweets about blogs as hubs for online identities. I guess I never really felt of blogging in that way… if anything, a Google search has more primacy in that identity than one’s personal blog, which can push things one way or another, but doesn’t determine the whole. I’m seeing blogging as an intermediary writing space between microblogging/email/chat and Formal Writing Such As The Dissertation, Book, or Journal Article. I’m feeling way behind in all three spaces.

  2. Matt Post author

    Thanks, Luke!

    I need to think about the blog/hub issue a little more deeply before I post on it. . .. but I will do so in a subsequent post. Meanwhile, your thoughts on the role of the google search in constituting one’s online identity are fascinating. And your observation about formal and informal writing spaces is very provocative, in part because of the ways in which the distances between those spaces have begun to collapse in recent years–though the degree to which they will collapse entirely is a matter of much debate.

    At any rate, I’ll try to respond soon with a full post. In the meantime, let me acknowledge that one reason I’m thrilled to be blogging again is that these kinds of exchanges are now possible. Thanks for visiting the site!


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